The passion behind Vermont Seaberry Company is rooted in a much larger vision for Vermont’s and Northeastern USA’s food future. We want to create a new regional food system that embraces absolute health of land and body in perpetuity.

In collaboration with Earth Asset Partnership, L.PLiving Future Foundation, and SHO Farm Vermont, Vermont Seaberry Company is hard at work crafting land management and investment vehicles for those wishing to help pioneer the exciting work of building a stable and healthy food system in our region.

This includes building ecosystem, human, and financial capital with integrity, excellence, and reliability. Vermont is a proving ground for food system innovation, and ripe for deploying proven strategies for high-yielding ecosystem enhancements like: water earthworks (swales and small ponds) that retain and buffer extreme rain events, mitigate the need for irrigation, and protect valley communities against floods; and management and cropping practices that sequester carbon, build soil, and create valuable habitat. Most importantly, Vermont’s culture proudly demonstrates a longstanding commitment to building inroads for growers to access land.

Together, tapping the network of excellent practitioners in Vermont and beyond, we are launching a service that pairs landowners with pre-screened permaculture farmers and entrepreneurs, developing transition plans for lands currently or previously used for dairy production–(See Finland’s successful national “Dairies to Berries” initiative) and innovating new legal structures that open Vermont’s working landscapes to a new wave of permaculture and ecosystem-based growers.

New Markets 

A siginificant part of the work in developing resilient and healthy food landscapes involves building markets for superfoods, addressing the chronic health crisis facing the US, and finding new ways to present enduring value to our plates and palates. Vermont’s burgeoning food tourism industry, its reputation as an exemplary farm-to-table champion, and its proximity to Boston and New York City, position us perfectly as an important center of fruit, nut, vegetable, mushroom, and residential/refuge  development for the region.

Vermont Seaberry Company Growth Plan 

Our future plans include a seaberry nursery.  Given the harsh growing conditions at mountainside SHO Farm — high winds, torrential rains, ice, unpredictable transition from winter to spring — the seaberry shrubs that thrive here are, in our opinion, the heartiest around.  We’ll be offering a resilient variety of plants in the near term.