Vermont Seaberry Company’s sea-buckthorn shrubs are grown within a 1300 acre conservation landscape, and part of a regenerative vegan agroforestry system.  Planted in synergistic relationship with a variety of other productive fruit and nut trees, our seaberries are part of what’s known as a perennial polyculture — as opposed to monoculture.  Supported by weed suppression and fertilizer that is made by Sanctuary at SHO’s rescued duck flock, nourished by pristine soils, hydrated by cold, clean water from headwaters originating at the height of SHO Farm’s 1300 acres, soaking in the summer sun, and fixing nitrogen to the benefit of surrounding plants, our seaberries embody the best nature has to offer.

Our seaberries are hand-harvested at peak ripeness and then immediately prepared for pure nectar or whole berry cold storage. Our sea-buckthorn shrub products are offered to you in their whole form to ensure optimal whole food synergistic health benefits.

Vermont Seaberry Company’s sea-buckthorn shrubs heal land, soil, human and companion animal health, while providing great habitat and food for wildlife.



$20/lb and $30/lb, variety-dependent, sold in 1 lb vacuum sealed bags

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Nectar is a special-order item that we can prepare upon request, and is sold in Weck gasketed glass jars ($2.50 refundable deposit additional charge/jar).sold in Weck gasketed glass jars ($2.50 refundable deposit additional charge/jar)

unsweetened, w/water ($1.50/oz)

1/4 L: $12.68

1/2 L: $25.36

1 L: $50.72

unsweetened, w/seaberry leaf tea ($3.00/oz)

1/4 L: $25.36

1/2 L: $50.72

1 L: $101.44

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1/4 L jars shown above

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1/2 L jars shown above


DIRECT FROM SHO FARM | We sell products from SHO Farm in Huntington, VT, where Vermont Seaberry Co. is headquartered and all berries are grown.

SHIPPED TO YOU | We also ship orders.  Customers are responsible for handling and shipping costs.  Due to the perishable nature of our seaberries, to ensure that they arrive to you in the highest quality condition possible we only ship via FedEx overnight, usually with mid-morning delivery.

PLACING YOUR ORDER | No matter how your seaberries make their way to you, all orders should be placed by sending us an email with your product list and contact information (first and last name, physical address, zip code, telephone #).  Be sure to include which products you would like to order, and how many of each.  Also let us know what days and times of the week are most convenient for you to stop by the farm, if you’re picking up.

If you are picking-up at SHO Farm, we will let you know when the order has been filled and is ready for pick-up.  We will do our best to make your order available when it’s most convenient for you.  We accept cash and checks at the farm.

If your order is being shipped, we will create an invoice and email to you.  Payment through PayPal must be made in full prior to final preparation and shipping of all products.


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Our prices are based on our actual costs-to-produce.  These costs including paying everyone involved at Vermont Seaberry Company a living wage.  Our berries and nectar are 100% feel-good products that entertain the palate and leave healing abundance in their wake.  Rather than externalizing the trust cost of food, let’s embrace it.  Growers are the future pharmacists; and responsibly-grown nutrient rich plants are the essential guarantors of health, longevity and well-being.

By supporting the true cost of real food we shape a regenerative working landscape and thriving local economy for all, while avoiding costly “medicines” and disease-management.  More people will be able to earn a regenerative vegan, permaculture-based living if we support the ethical and durable methods of growing our foods.

Bottom line, it’s worth it to eat well.